The Bridge of Harmony “Jazz for Kids” Concert in Kanchanaburi

October 22, 2010 

jazz-kanchanaburi-08THE BRIDGE OF HARMONY "JAZZ FOR KIDS" CONCERT IN KANCHANABURIThe 2010 « Bridge of Harmony Jazz For Kids concert » in Kanchanaburi took place on Saturday 16th of October. Like last year, the 2010 second edition had an even greater success due to a very diverse and a very well rehearsed show program.

This unique jazz orientated evening started with the stunning show of « Buddhaisawan », a mixture of traditional and contemporary Thai music incorporating Thai martial arts that warmed up the night and raised the spectators’ heart beat.

The Bridge of Harmony concert was then followed by an excellent music performance by « Laai Thai Maitree » local Thai band which spiced the night up with Western and Thai pop music.

Followed by the « Biggle Big Band » : this great Jazz band from the Netherlands took the crowd back in time to the era of the 60’s and 70’s swinging numbers by Count Basey, Quincy Jones and reincarnating the talents of Franck Sinatra’s best standards.

An excellent show was rounded off by the performance of « Peri Poengmann’s Band», presenting a spectacular fusion of drum circle and Thai musical instruments that earned several awards for their exceptional performance.

A great concert indeed, with warm applause and well-deserved congratulations to all TSK and Kanchanaburi municipality organizers !


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