Extension to MyHome-Thailand Homestay Holiday Villa

April 11, 2012 by  
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We are delighted to announce an extension to MyHome-Thailand Holiday Villa by means of an added external bathroom and shower : this extension accommodates the well deserved 3 star level of our homestay establishment [Read more]

Private Dinner Cruise On The River Kwai

February 24, 2012 by  
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If you are looking for an unforgettable  intimate, personal and romantic experience while enjoying the magic of the River Kwai by moonlight then look no further than K.T.T.’s  romantic  dinner cruise on your very own privately chartered motor raft. [More details]

Agrotourism : Agrotour 3 in Kanchanaburi

October 17, 2011 by  
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Agrotour 3 will inform you of how corn is grown in Thailand, its many health benefits, how to make corn ice cream, information on herbs and natural products used in Thai massage, demonstrations of how some of the most sumptuous Thai dishes are prepared. [Read more]

[Video] Bathing with Elephants in the River Kwai !

January 22, 2011 by  
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Bathing with elephants in the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi, ThailandSet up together by the 2 teams of Muang Sing River Kwai Elephant Park Village and Kanchanaburi-Transport-Tours, the latest KTT video film showing a whole family bathing together with elephants in the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi Thailand is absolutely spectacular. Not to be missed ! [Watch the video now]