Learn to Live With Elephants

June 12, 2016 by  
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The verdant paradise region of Kanchanaburi offers the unique opportunity to live the memorable experience called  “Living with Elephants Experience” . In the rest of the world, you learn to ride a horse : in Kanchanaburi, our Thai instructors  teach you how to control and care for an elephant : a once in a lifetime unique  experience. [More details]

Bareback Riding, Bathing with the Elephants in the River Kwai and Rafting

riding-bathing-elephants-river-kwai-featAre you an elephant lover ? Would you like to spend enjoyable time with elephants, learn about their lives, ride your own elephant bareback and bathe with it in the River Kwai ? Are you concerned about the wellbeing of these exceptional gentle giants ? [More details]