Agrotour 5 in 1 All day Full Program Private Tour

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Agrotour 5 in 1 gives you the chance to explore a real Thai farming village,  learn everything about rice, orchid flowers and coconut palm sugar, enjoy a traditional Thai lunch in an authentic Thai restaurant and inspect the largest fish-farm on the River Kwai. [More details]

[Video] Agrotour 3 Corn & Sesame for Health and Beauty

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AGROTOUR 3 Corn & Sesame for Health and Beauty new video film shows a very special day program on a specific farm in Kanchanaburi – Thailand [Watch the video now]

Agrotourism in Kanchanaburi by KTT

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Ecotourism in Kanchanaburi by KTTK.T.T. has built-up a comprehensive program of Ecotourism original activities in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Ecotourism means touring by means of informative programs with the utmost appreciation for the environment and with the highest concern for its preservation. [Read more]

[Video] KTT Agrotour 1 Rice, Bananas and Orchids informative exclusive program

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AgroTourism 1 Rice, Bananas and Orchids program  in Kanchanaburi  conceived by KTT  is a new  instructional educational program organized together with  Thai villagers and locals from our specific agricultural region. Its main purpose  is  to  help visitors to view and learn everything about growing, harvesting, and processing of locally grown food and plants such as rice, bananas, sugar cane , orchid flowers and any other product that visitors cannot usually encounter in their home country.[Watch the video now]