BZH THAILAND Saint-Yves Party in Bangkok

June 21, 2010 

JP DENOIX, whose half  family originates from Morbihan in Brittany-West of France, is happy to have become official member of BZH (BREIZH) THAILAND  cultural  association. He brings to the group his complementary motivation and energy all the way from Kanchanaburi to the one already largely deployed by his colleagues David OUEDEC, Olivier LE FAOUDER and Guillaume BATTAULT  at the Head office of the association in Bangkok.

BZH THAILAND officially celebrated Saint-Yves Brittany National Event in Bangkok last 18th of June in « CHEZ PEYPIN » typical bistrot style French restaurant. The meeting and excellent dinner was a great success  with a French accordéon concert given by excellent musician Maïwenn MORVAN.

BZH THAILAND forms intergral part of BZH WORLD NETWORK which role and definition is to link people originating from Brittany, as well as people having direct and indirect relations concerned with the development of Brittany worldwide . BZH WORLD NETWORK is a very efficient network linking highly motivated people thanks to the use of modern means of communication such as Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc.

BZH THAILAND is in constant relation with its colleagues and correspondents spread all over the planet in countries such as Japan, Viet-Nam, USA (New-York), Mexico, Argentina, Ireland, Cataluna, Russia, Tchek Republic, etc. .

We wish a WARM WELCOME TO THAILAND to all present and future friends of the BZH WORLD NETWORK .


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