Agrotour 5 in 1 All day Full Program Private Tour

December 7, 2013 


Agrotour 5 in 1 is a Full  Day  special Private Tour proposing a full program of  5  successive Agro Activities around the Kanchanaburi region, West of Bangkok, in Thailand.

It gives you the chance to explore a real Thai farming village,  learn everything about rice, orchid flowers and coconut palm sugar,  enjoy a traditional Thai lunch in an authentic Thai restaurant,  and finally do excellent agro shopping at Doye Kham Royal Project Foundation excellent quality shop in Kanchanaburi.

Agrotour 5 in 1 Full Day Private Tour  :  Program of Activities

  • Morning program : Visit  a traditional textile weaving workshop producing the typical PAKAOMA sash worn around the waist by rice peasants ( a Kanchanaburi speciality)
  • Visit a family traditional  rice-farm with the occasion of tasting  2 exclusive agro-products, only made by this farm in Thailand : a traditional jasmin rice revitalizing natural beverage (excellent to help and improve digestion), as well as a special type of rice cookie
  • Demonstration and practice of the handling of traditional tools used for field ploughing, as well as for rice threshing
  • Visit the second  largest orchid nursery in Thailand with 1 Million plants
  • Teaching demonstration of the way of culturing orchid flowers, Thailand’s national flower symbol, from seedlings to the fully grown plant
  • Lunch : Enjoy traditional Thai food in an authentic Thai country restaurant, off the beaten tracks
  • Afternoon program : Visit a unique  palm sugar farm in the Kanchanaburi region
  • Visit a vast and quite  impressive palm-tree plantation (5000 trees) : see how palm juice is collected from the palm trees’ flowers, and then converted  into coconut palm sugar in the farm workshop
  • Finally enjoy exclusive Agro Shopping  of excellent quality Agro products at Doye Kham Royal Foundation Project most beautiful shop in Kanchanaburi city.




Prices (5 in 1 Agrotour Visit Fee only – Transport and Lunch costs excluded)

Prices are in Thai Bahts - per person - Visit fee only - Transport and Lunch costs excluded
Number of persons2345678910
Price per person in Thai Bahts140012001000100010001000100010001000
Note : Above rates, are in Thai Bahts, per person. They include all day guide fees, as well as a global visit fee  paid to the agrofarms. KTT Agrofee is a financial contribution received by the farmers for the time they spend (average visit time = 45 minutes), during their work, for the promotion of Agrotourism, as well as for the benefit of people wishing to learn about Agrotourism during their holiday in the  Kanchanaburi region.

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