Treetop Zipline Adventure in Kanchanaburi

January 6, 2016 


K.T.Z TreeTop Zipline Tour takes place at Kanchanaburi Treetop Adventure Park, in the province of Kanchanaburi, West of Bangkok in Thailand. This unique park is located in the heart of a superb rainforest with breathtaking views over the River Kwai and scenic backdrops of beautiful mountains bordering the Dawei province of nearby Myanmar country.

KTZ Treetop Zipline Adventures & Tour is known for providing a unique, enjoyable and highly immersive team building experience. If you are looking for some adventure in your life that requires no previous experience, then come play in Kanchanaburi treetops for a couple of hours with friends, family or that special someone.

We have adventures for young and old alike. You must be at least 10 years old, minimum 4 foot 6 inches tall (with shoes on) means1.40 meter, and weigh less than 265 pounds (130 kilos) in order to play in the trees

KTZ Treetop Zipline Course is self-guided and qualified instructors are on hand for constant supervision. No experience is necessary for any of the attractions offered at  KTZ Treetop Zipline Adventures. All equipment is provided and training takes place prior to participating in any of the activities.KTZ Treetop Zipline Tour will begin once you have successfully completed a ground level instruction and practice. After a comprehensive safety briefing and a practice climb you will be ready to work your way through the forest.

Imagine the thrill and excitement you will experience as you navigate through aerial games and big ziplines. We invite you to appreciate unspoiled nature  and experience nature tripping from a breathtaking view with jungle trails comprised of 38 platforms nestled on the rainforest’s highest branches. The features in our course include zip lines, suspended bridges, swinging logs,  parrot ladders, flying trapezes, monkey ropes, down- and uphill nets, The Great Tarzan jump, The Tree flying bicycle, The flying Roller Skate, and much more.

The final Mega Zip Line, with its total length of 180 meters overlooking a beautiful lake is a real intense and unique experience all the way through.

Safety has always been and will remain our number one top priority

The games are suspended between trees, and guests stay securely clipped into a continuous safety cable throughout the course. Kanchanaburi TreeTop Adventure Park uses the best of European and international climbing technology and endeavours to meet, and exceed when possible, the standards in place. The entire course and all equipment provided is checked daily by our qualified staff.

Our first and permanent priority is always guest safety. Every detail has been planned out to ensure your day is completely safe and worry free. Cables and connectors regularly go through rigorous engineering stress tests : only top-of-the-line climbing equipment is used.

KTZ Tree Top Zipline Tour in Kanchanaburi features the new European safety system of continuous life line. This innovative concept secures all guests from beginning until the end of the course, without the traditional frequent unclipping of carabiners. This unique new concept means a super safe safety system at all time which lets you spend more time to enjoy the adventure and less on the equipment ! Guests are attached to the zipline cables and to a continuous safety cable the entire time they are in the trees so that they do not get unattached from these lines until they return to the ground.

European standards excel in using training methods and technology to ensure safety : Kanchanaburi Tree Top Adventure Park is regularly inspected and officially certified by European authorized certification bodies such as France SEREC safety organization. All safety equipments used for KTZ TreeTop Zipline program, and gear worn by our staff and guests include harnesses, carabiners and pulleys supplied by the PETZL Company, a world-famous leading manufacturer of alpine mountain exploration, rock climbing and rescue equipments.

We highly care for the environment.

KTZ Tree Top Zipline Adventure employs a unique tree trunk clumping system so no tree is harmed in the park. Our tourism activity is built on the long-term health of the forest and we respect our natural playground : we do not drill through the trees to build our platforms and our structures are designed to allow trees to grow free of restriction. Our staff takes tree health very seriously. Our entire zip lining course is built without hooks, bolts, screws, or anything at all penetrating the trees.

Rate per person : 1900 Bahts (48 €uros)

This rate includes: Half day (means up to 3 hours !) of fun time in the trees, personal protective equipment rental, instruction and practice on the ground level course, guide supervision.

Note : Lunch and Transport costs are NOT included. Transport is recommended to form part of KTT Kanchanaburi-Transport-Tours 1 Day Open Tour transport concept, available from both Kanchanaburi and/or Bangkok. KTT 1 Day Open Tour allows you to also enjoy and participate, at no extra transport cost, to an additional half-day activity, generally in the afternoon, such as Bareback riding and Bathing with the Elephants in the River Kwai, Bamboo-rafting and/or Kayaking on the River Kwai, Visiting forest and/or hill temples near Kanchanaburi city, etc.

K.T.T. open Tour private transport rates

1) Same day return transport from & back to KANCHANABURI city

Private bus service, with driver, put at your disposal from 08H00 AM until 18H00 PM, means 10 continuous hours, on a lumpsum fee basis, petrol included.

Price per person :

Nb. of persons2345678910
Thai Baht/pers.1 9001 3001 200960800700600540480
€uro /pers.483230242018151412

2) Same day return transport from & back to BANGKOK city

Private bus service, with driver, put at disposal from 07H00 AM until 19H00 PM, means during 12 continuous hours, on a lumpsum fee basis, petrol included.

Price per person :

Nb. of persons2345678910
Thai Baht/pers2 6501 76014751180980850740660590
€uro /pers.664437302522191715

KTZ Tree Top Zipline Tour would not be complete without treating your appetite as well. An authentic Thai gourmet lunch is also available upon request and served on a magic suspended terrace which overlooks the beautiful River Kwai, with a fully relaxing and breathtaking view over jungle forests and nearby superb mountains.


Whether you are an adrenaline addict, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply subscribe to the “just plain fun” philosophy, KTZ Treetop Zipline Tour has an awesome 5 star soaring experience of tree top zipline adventure in Kanchanaburi-Thailand for you !



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