Kanchanaburi “Talate Djay Djay” Outdoor Night Market [City]

June 20, 2012 

Located on Senchuto Road, close to MyHome-Thailand Homestay Holiday Villa, Kanchanaburi Railway station and opposite the World War 2 Memorial cemetery, Talate « Djay Djay »  is a thriving outdoor night market which takes place every evening from 5 P.M until 11 P.M.

You may find there so many things which you may not ever dream of,  such as food products, bakery items, clothing of all sorts, shoes, electrical products, children’s toys, baby clothes, potted plants, music CD’s and DVD’s, videos, etc, all at rock bottom bargain prices. Every Wednesday night, the market offers used tools and second-hand items also.

Talate Djay Djay is a must visit in the evening when living or spending a holiday in Kanchanaburi : no entrance fee to be paid and indeed a plentiful quantity of things  to see and buy at this colourful ever popular place.

At  Talate Djay Djay Night Market,  in fact right next to the actual market, you may also enjoy a very original interesting outdoor dinner named Nüyane Kaoli,  also called Moo Kata, or (sort of) Thai Fondue. This original mode of communal eating, (this idea was originally imported from Korea) consists of a perforated dome-shaped metal cylinder, with a trough running around its lower outer edge, which sits upon a clay pot with hot charcoals burning  inside as a source of cooking.

The entire cylindrical cooker sits in the central hole of a metallic table.  This particular cooking device  is laden with an unlimited variety of meats, seafood, vegetables, shrimps, pastas, eggs, etc. You choose from a buffet table,  with no limitations to choice as far as the type and the  number of ingredients you wish to  cook  and eat, all for only 99 Baht (2.50 €uros / 3.30 US $) per person, drinks excluded. Available for sale at the Moo Kata are beer, soda, soft drinks and drinking water.

A cube of pork  fat is placed on top of the dome at the beginning of the cooking process  in order to help flavour the cylinder, and  also to prevent meat and ingredients from sticking onto the metallic surface of the dome  while cooking.

The trough is filled with hot water, which rapidly turns into a  broth as the meat juices run down the side of the dome ; the vegetables are then cooked in the boiling water.

No visitor should leave Kanchanaburi  before engaging in this fascinating and popular communal cookout,  which has become one of the most popular form  of outdoor eating in Thailand.


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