Elephantsworld Foundation

December 7, 2013 


SAVE ELEPHANTS – Elephantsworld Foundation 1 Day Special Program

ElephantsWorld was founded in 2008, as a sanctuary for sick, old, disabled, abused, illegal, rescued and street elephants, so that they may receive the rest and joy that they deserve in their own natural environment for the rest of their life.

The main goal at ElephantsWorld is the people come to help and work for the elephants and NOT the elephants working for the people.

In 1900 there were approximately 100,000 elephants roaming Thailand. Today about 2000 elephants live in the wild and about 3000 are in captivity.  The main reason for the drop in number is a reduction in living space and more recently, an increase in illegal logging and poaching. A smaller living area means less food for elephants. Wild elephants are still taken from the forest for trading, tusks, or breeding.  Most elephants in captivity work so hard that many die from exhaustion. There are also less male elephants than females, which has resulted in inbreeding. If nothing happens now, inbreeding in existing smaller elephant populations will lead to a further weakening of the species.

Option 1 Transport : Departure from BANGKOK City

6.15 am Leave from BANGKOK Hotel or from your Home in BANGKOK City Centre

6.30 am Leave from BANGKOK-MOCHIT BTS/MRT Metro Station – Exit 3 Meeting Point

Option  2 Transport : Departure from KANCHANABURI City

9.00 am Leave from MyHome-Thailand homestay holiday villa, or from your hotel in Kanchanaburi city

ElephantsWorld Program

9.45 am  Arrive at ElephantsWorld. Welcome by Elephantsworld Thai staff and international volunteers. Meet and feed the elephants.

10.30 am  Observe the elephants frolicking together in their natural environment. You will be educated about our elephants and about Asian elephants.

11.00 am  Clean fruit and vegetables, then prepare and cook sticky rice for the old elephants.

12.00 pm Have lunch at ElephantsWorld.

1.00 pm  Gathering and planting food for the 
elephants such as banana trees/ sugar
cane/ banagrass.

2.00 pm  Feed the old
 elephants with sticky rice balls

3.00 pm  Take the elephants to the nearby River Kwai in order to have a bath together with them  in the river, scrub them clean and have fun together.

3.30 pm  Feed the elephants with fruit and vegetables

4.00 pm End of the day program at ElephantsWorld

4.30 pm Return trip to : MyHome-Thailand Holiday Villa or to your hotel in Kanchanaburi or back to Bangkok : Arrive in the capital around 7.00 pm.

Note : You may do some shopping for instance, or anything else,  in Kanchanaburi city both in the morning before going to ElephantsWorld, as well as  on the way back to your accommodation in the afternoon,  once the ElephantsWorld program is over.

There is no additional charge for this extra time and transport. The reason is that ElephantsWorld program, as organized by K.E.P. (Kanchanaburi Elephant Programs) forms part of KTT (Kanchanaburi-Transport-Tours) Open Tour concept. This transport concept  includes  an all day  fixed lumpsum transport fee for hiring a private A/C bus, with driver, put all day long at the disposal of its participants during 10 hours, from 08.00 A.M. in the morning until 6.00 PM in the afternoon for Kanchanaburi transport, and 13 hours, from 06.00 AM until 7.00 PM for Bangkok transport.

Please Note : 
All activities and timings are approximate. 
Every day can be slightly different from the day before,
depending on the daily needs of the elephants. Visiting ElephantsWorld is only possible on a « full day program » basis, and not half-day only. It is strictly NOT possible to visit and wander around ElephantsWorld park alone for obvious safety reasons.

What to bring

Please remember to bring a change of 
clothes and a towel (you will surely… get dirty & wet during the activities, .. particularly during bathing with the elephants  in the river !) , sunscreen, hat, camera and  mosquito repellant.

ElephantsWorld encourage all visitors to bring yellow bananas with them in the morning : this type of present is highly appreciated by the elephants who will instantly become your best friends when you feed them yourself  with such kind and delicious « Hello & Welcome » present  !

( Exclusive Private Transport service organized by K.E.P.)

Rates Ex-Kanchanaburi Return Transport Trip Included

(Following rates include return transport (private bus, with driver) organized by K.T.T. – Kanchanaburi Transport & Tours, from and back to Kanchanaburi City, lunch taken on site at ElephantsWorld, drinking water, as well as participation to all above described activities)

Adults and Teens over  12

Nb. of persons2345678910
Price per pers. in THB450039003800360034003300320031503100
Price per pers. in €1301121091039895929089

Children from 5 to 12    (Children from 1 to 4 = Free of Charge)

Nb. of persons2345678910
Price per pers. in THB340028002700250023002200210020502000
Price per pers. in €988078726663605958

Rates Ex-Bangkok Return Transport Trip Included

Adults and Teens over  12

Nb. of persons2345678910
Price per pers. in THB540045004000370036003400330032503200
Price per pers. in €15512911510610398959392

Children from 5 to 12    (Children from 1 to 4 = Free of Charge)

Nb. of persons2345678910
Price per pers. in THB430034002900260024502300220021502100
Price per pers. in €1239883757066636260

Very important note !

K.E.P. fees include in both cases (Ex-Kanchanaburi + Ex-Bangkok) a guaranteed back payment of a DONATION made by K.E.P. to non-profit making Elephantsworld foundation in order to help the foundation in financing its food supplies to the elephants, purchase of medicines, etc . KEP  donation is worth a minimum amount of 2000 Bahts (50 €) per adult and teenagers above 12, and 1200 Bahts (30 €) per child aged between 5 and 12 years old. The difference between K.E.P. fees invoiced to its customers and paid back donation to ElephantsWorld  is a transport fee only, invoiced at the lowest  cost price, under the scope of KTT (Kanchanaburi-Transport & Tours) Open Day Tours concept.

About ElephantsWorld in Kanchanaburi

In Thailand, elephants traditionally worked in the logging industry in the past  with humans as a substitute at the time for trucks and heavy machinary. In 1989, due to deforestation, devastating floods which occurred across the country and as a general reaction, the government officially banned all logging activities. This was good news for the remaining forests, but not at all good news for the owners of elephants who no longer had a source of income from logging. ElephantsWorld was founded in 2008  by Dr. Samart Prasithpol (Head of the Department of Livestock of Kanchanaburi province) in order to function as a protected sanctuary as well as a « retirement home » for elephants that were injured, or  too old to continue with hard work. ElephantsWorld is a non-profit organization, meaning that this foundation is exclusively funded by its visitors by means of donations. Every cent  received by ElephantsWorld  goes towards providing the elephants as pleasant a life as possible. Above all, it is an environment that cares for retired and sick elephants. So, when visiting Thailand, think about spending some time with these magnificent animals and visit ElephantsWorld in Kanchanaburi, located  only 150 kilometer West of Bangkok and 25 kilometer North of Kanchanaburi city. The activities you can take part in during your day at ElephantsWorld will definitely contribute to help and to improve the life of the elephants.

You will meet and have a great time with them.  ElephantsWorld cannot survive without the help of its visitors. Enjoy your day with the elephants and leave later in the afternoon, knowing and remembering that you have helped them, and not at all harmed them. At ElephantsWorld, people come from all over the world in order to help and work for the elephants, and the elephants  never work for the people !

Google Maps

Visit Elephantsworld with Google Maps HERE.

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Video (Full Version)


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