Elephants & Agrobike Cycling + Private Hotspring (K.E.P 4)

June 7, 2016 

Morning Program :  Elephant Activities

Good treatment and respect of elephants is paramount to K.E.P. It is our priority to take you to an authentic Thai  small local family elephant village – which looks after and provides a maximum number of 4 elephants only for KEP programs.

Are you an elephant lover ? Would you like to spend enjoyable time with elephants, learn about their lives, ride elephants bareback (not at all on a seat) in a private way, and also enjoy private bathing with elephants in the River Kwai ? Are you concerned about the wellbeing and respect of these exceptional gentle giants ? If so, K.E.P. Kanchanaburi River Kwai Elephant Private Programs, in central Thailand, West of Bangkok, is the very right answer for you.

K.E.P  Elephant morning  program allows Private Bareback Riding  activities along the River Kwai and fabulous tropical plantations
During the private bareback riding program which lasts minimum 1 hour, with no time limit, you always and only  sit behind the elephant’s neck (never on a seat !), which is the very traditional and natural Mahout (Elephant Carer) way of  bareback riding an elephant .

Magic KEP Elephant Forest Breakfast : Make friend with him by feeding yourself your own elephant prior to private bareback riding together.

Private Bathing with the Elephants in the River Kwai (minimum 45 Minutes)  : Right after bareback riding,  enjoy having a private bath together with elephants in the River Kwai.

Private Bamboo Rafting on the River Kwai  (45 Minutes) : Sail on the River Kwai on board of an exotic bamboo raft, jump from the raft as may times as you like and swim in the River Kwai

A generous authentic Thai private lunch is then prepared and  served in an authentic Thai family riverside restaurant located along the River Kwai.


Afternoon Program : K.A.T : Kanchanaburi Agrobike Cycling Educational Tour & Activity

K.A.T.  AGROBIKE TOUR allows to experience the natural beauty of rural Kanchanaburi – West of Bangkok – in Central Thailand, thanks to 2 hours afternoon cycling on flat quiet winding car-free country roads along Kanchanaburi off the beaten paths, with impressive views of beautiful mountains bordering Thailand and Myanmar in the background.
Cycle until your heart’s content along verdant back roads, wind past tropical plantations, observe local wildlife, talk together with your bilingual guide to local farmers, hike along grassy rolling hills and forests, observe farmland and learn about tapioca, sweet potatoe, red pepper, jackfruit, papaya, mango, tamarind, pomelo trees, tropical flowers, spices, teak trees, banana plantations, etc.

Dedicated professional guides and support crew

Perfect organization support :

K.A.T AGROBIKE TOUR in Kanchanaburi is very well supported throughout the whole ride thanks to a constant vehicle support which is always there whenever you need hydration ..or a lift if it is time to take a break.

No special biking skill required = Welcome to all !

Small groups’ size only

K.A.T AGROBIKE TOUR only takes small groups, or families with minimum 2 and maximum 8 participants (same number as for KEP Elephant programs). Children minimum age : 10 Years old, not below. Elder bikers : No age limit

Comfortable high-end hybrid touring bicycles


KAT Tour’s end is highly rewarded !

K.A.T AGROBIKE TOUR is crowned at the end of the program by a unique, magic moment which consists of ..dipping yourself during one hour, as many times as you wish, into 2 successive hot and cold mineral water ponds at KAT Private Hotspring in a forest !

Best rural authentic immersion

K.A.T KANCHANABURI AGROBIKE TOUR is in conclusion the very best way to immerse yourself in the authentic life of rural Kanchanaburi region, to explore, discover and enjoy hidden corners of Kanchanaburi tropical plantations, together with Thai native local guides who really love their region. KAT Agrobiking in Kanchanaburi is, at its heart, the very best way of connecting more authentically with Kanchanaburi agricultural region, people and farmers.


in Private Mini-Bus, with Driver.

Minimum 2 persons – Maximum 8 Participants = 2 bareback riders per elephant – Minimum age required for participating to KEP Elephant activities is 10 Years old : Please contact KEP in case of wishing to participate with lower aged children, as the minimum age of 10 can, under certain conditions,  be lowered to 8, or down to 6 (never less than 6 years old ! due to strict safety conditions).

1) From & Return to KANCHANABURI City Hotel, or River Kwai Resotel-Putakiene Pier, in Kanchanaburi. (Departure : 8h00 am, Return : 17h30 pm)

Total Nr. of persons23456-8
Rate per person in Thai Baht80007400720069006700
Rate per person in Euro200185180172168

2) From & return to BANGKOK City Hotel or Private Home in Bangkok (Departure : 6.00 am, Return : 19h30 pm)

Total Nr. of persons23456-8
Rate per person in Thai Baht88007900750071006900
Rate per person in Euro220198188178172

K.E.P. 4 program includes : All day Return Transport in KEP private bus, with driver and Guide Assistance
Feed Elephants yourself (Elephant Breakfast) – One (1) Hour minimum Private Bareback Riding along the River Kwai and Tropical Plantations – Private bathing with Elephants in the River Kwai – Private Bamboo Rafting on the River Kwai on board authentic bamboo rafts .
Authentic Thai lunch prepared and served in an authentic Thai local riverside restaurant –
Afternoon Activities  : 2 Hours Agrobike Cycling  & 1 Hour Bathing and Relaxing at KEP Private Hotspring in a Forest


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