Elephants & Agrowalk + Private Hotspring (K.E.P 3)

June 12, 2016 

Morning Program :  Elephant Activities

K.E.P 3 Elephant morning  program allows Private Bareback Riding  activities along the River Kwai and tropical plantations
During this One (1) hour program, you always and only  sit behind the elephant’s neck (never on a seat !) , which is the very traditional and natural Mahout way of riding an elephant .

Magic K.E.P Elephant Breakfast : Feed directly  yourself your own elephant prior to bareback riding.

Private Bathing with the Elephants in the River Kwai  (45 Minutes)  : Right after bareback riding,  enjoy having a bath together with elephants in the River Kwai.

Private Bamboo Rafting on the River Kwai (45 Minutes) : Sail on the River Kwai on board of an exotic bamboo raft, jump from the raft as may times as you like and swim in the River Kwai

A generous private  Thai Lunch is then specially prepared and  served in a riverside  authentic Thai family restaurant located along the River Kwai.

Important note :
K.E.P 3 All day program includes all day return transport, as well as all morning elephant activities ( Private bareback riding + Private bathing with the elephants in the River Kwai + Private bamboo rafting on the River Kwai) +  a generous private  Thai lunch taken in a riverside authentic Thai family restaurant + a very educational  Agrowalk in the afternoon + 1 hour  Private Hotspring + all day guide assistance.

Beginning of Afternoon Program  : Agrowalk

KEP Agrowalk allows to experience the natural beauty of rural Kanchanaburi – thanks to 2 hours afternoon easy walking on flat off the beaten paths along tropical plantations , with impressive views of beautiful mountains bordering Thailand and Myanmar in the background.
Together with your Thai bilingual guide, observe farmland and learn about tapioca, sweet potatoe, red pepper, jackfruit, papaya, mango, tamarind, tropical flowers, spices, banana plantations, etc.

End of Afternoon Program  : Private Bathing & Relaxing at K.E.P Hotspring in the forest

KEP Afternoon Agrowalk is crowned at the end of the program by a unique, original, quite magic exclusive moment which consists of ..dipping yourself during one hour, as many times as you wish, into 2 successive hot and cold mineral water ponds at KEP private hotspring in a forest . This unique place includes the unlimited use of a hydrotherapy Spa which helps your body to regenerate itself at the end of 2 hours Agrowalk tropical little efforts.


in Private Mini-Bus, with Driver.
(Minimum 2 – Maximum 8 Participants – Minimum age required : 12 Years old : Please contact us in case of any lower age)

1) From & Return to KANCHANABURI Hotel, or Resotel Pier, in Kanchanaburi. (Departure : 8.00 am, Return : 5.30 pm)

Total Nr. of persons23456-8
Rate per person in Thai Baht59005300520050004800
Rate per person in Euro148132130125120

2) From & return to BANGKOK Hotel or Private Home in Bangkok (Departure : 6.00 am, Return : 7.30 pm)

Total Nr. of persons23456-8
Rate per person in Thai Baht67005800550052005000
Rate per person in Euro168145138130125

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