Agrotourism : Agrotour 3 in Kanchanaburi

October 17, 2011 

AGROTOUR 3 is K.T.T. latest Agrotour adventure : this new program is a full day tour on a Kanchanaburi corn and sesame farm.

Agrotour 3 will inform you of how corn is grown in Thailand, its many health benefits, how to make corn ice cream, information on herbs and natural products used in Thai massage, demonstrations of how some of the most sumptuous Thai dishes are prepared.

The day is in two parts, with a delicious luncheon separating the morning’s activities from the more relaxing afternoon massage activities. KTT Agrotour 3 in Kanchanaburi is highly recommended by previous participants as well as by the International Tourist Board as a must do adventure.

For more details : “AGROTOUR 3 : Corn & Sesame for Health & Beauty


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