[Video] Romantic Private Dinner Cruise on The River Kwai

April 7, 2012 

If you are looking for an unforgettable intimate, personal and romantic experience while enjoying the magic of the River Kwai by moonlight then look no further than K.T.T.’s romantic dinner cruise on your very own privately chartered motor raft. [Watch the video]

 The River Kwai Light & Sound Festival

November 21, 2011 

The Kanchanaburi Bridge over the River Kwai is definitely one of the best light and sound  show in the world : an exceptional event, not to be missed from Friday 30th November until Tuesday 5th December 2012 ! [Read more]

 Agrotourism : Agrotour 3 in Kanchanaburi

October 17, 2011 

Agrotour 3 will inform you of how corn is grown in Thailand, its many health benefits, how to make corn ice cream, information on herbs and natural products used in Thai massage, demonstrations of how some of the most sumptuous Thai dishes are prepared. [Read more]

 [Video] Agrotour 2: Tea, Mulberries and Dry Flowers

August 8, 2011 

AGROTOUR 2 new video film shows an other very original ecotourism concept and tourist program by K.T.T. in Kanchanaburi-Thailand. [Watch the video now]

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