K.E.P. Elephant Farm in Kanchanaburi, the new innovative Elephant program

November 2, 2014 

kep-websiteNo need to travel anymore to far away Chiang Mai province in the North of Thailand in order to enjoy great time with elephants [read more]

 Kanchanaburi Elephant Programs, Thailand

November 25, 2013 

kep-websiteWith the success of the “Live with Elephant Experience” journey, K.T.T. is now proud to annonce the launch a new website specialized in activities with elephant [read more]

 [Video] KTT launches KGT : Kanchanaburi Golf Tours

March 3, 2013 


KTT new KGT Golf and Tours activities in Kanchanaburi are now officially presented on Internet by means of www.kanchanaburigolftours.com new website. [Read More]

 [Video] Bridge Over the River Kwai Fantastic Light & Sound Festival

December 19, 2012 

Condensed Video of the 2012 edition of annual  River Kwai Bridge Week held from 7th until 16 th of December. [ Watch The Video]

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