Khao Laem Dam [V1]

April 26, 2010 

Khao Laem Dam is a wonderful and idyllic location for fishing  and also  a truly magical destination to visit  in Kanchanaburi. [Follow the guide]

 Prasat Muang Sing Historical Park [V1]

March 28, 2010 

One of the most important sites found in the River Kwai Noï  basin is an ancient city site named Prasat  Muang Sing Historical Park. The important discoveries made near the ancient city remains include prehistoric human skeletons together with metal tools, vessels and ornaments, brick bases of the Dvaravati period architecture and  laterite ruins of the13th century. [Follow the guide]

 KTT River Kwai Elephant Park and Village [V1]

March 27, 2010 

The Muang Sing River Kwai  Elephant Park and Village, very  near to  Kanchanaburi city  is a  special place in Thailand where you can  learn how  to live with elephants, speak to them, ride on their head and bathe with them in the River Kwai  in full safety  . This unique  one day training program can be followed  by anyone. A life experience, not to be missed !  [Follow the guide]

 Karen Village [V1]

March 27, 2010 

The Hilltribe Karen peoples’ villages in the hills are far away from the main road  and  distant from the normal tourist trails. [Follow the guide]

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