Best Restaurants in Kanchanaburi [City]

June 20, 2012 


Kanchanaburi is an excellent place in Thailand for food lovers, with an abundance of restaurants in this wonderful city and province. In order to advise how to  get the best value for money, the K.T.T. team personally tested  and selected  the very best restaurants Kanchanaburi has to offer at first hand, particularly restaurants close to the river, as well as garden restaurants  within very close proximity,  ( 2 minutes only)  from  MyHome-Thailand Homestay  Holiday Villa.

Floating Restaurant (River Front) 3 Stars

Floating Restaurant is ideally located right at the base of the world famous River Kwai Bridge, on the river’s edge. It offers guests an opportunity to enjoy a meal of delicious Thai and international food, while relaxing, watching the water streaming by, with great views of the bridge and surrounding riverside.

Service is friendly, relaxed and efficient. Floating restaurant is priced in the medium price range.

Ambiance Traditional Thai Style, indoor – outdoor eating under rustic  thatched roofs  with all around open sides, private pier with direct access to long-tail boats after lunch during daylight.

The well known and very appreciated open lunch buffet served at the  Floating Restaurant allows guests  to sample and appreciate a large variety of interestingly delicious, typical Thai food, with an excellent quality/price ratio.


“Taraburee” Open Air Restaurant on the River Kwai 3 Stars

TARABUREE Restaurant, – whose Thai name litterally means « The River City Restaurant », offers a unique dining experience at the heart of the vibrant Kanchanaburi main pier, particularly at night time .

Situated on the bank of the River Kwai , nor far away from  MyHome-Thailand Homestay Holiday Villa right in the heart of the delta where the 2 Rivers Kwai (Noye and Yai) meet, TARABUREE provides a delightful  waterfront dining experience, which encapsulates Kanchanaburi lifestyle with  panoramic river and hinterland views.

Thanks to Kanchanaburi border mountains between Thailand and Burma as a backdrop, you may enjoy superb sunset views with beautiful vistas while eating at this venue. The restaurant is tastefully decorated. Boasting as a main attraction, the continuous live background music played by local bands every evening from 5.30 PM until 11.30 PM .

A great variety of  popular Thai songs intermixed with  US and English hit songs. The musical treat takes place via  4  successive bands on Fridays and Saturdays, as well as 3 bands  all  other days of the week.

Service is friendly, without being over bearing. The choice is varied from chicken, pork, seafood dishes, curries and soups, etc with  a great selection of salads also.

Prices are middle of the road. A bonus is a menu in good English, an interesting selection of international dishes, as well as a  good selection of beverages which  includes cocktails, fruit juices, popular beers (local and imported), fruit shakes and wine coolers.

TARABUREE  is predominantly a young-minded, lively kind of restaurant,  an ideal  place to have  romantic dinner and  enjoy   great music concerts as well as the flow of waters of  the River Kwai  in Kanchanaburi.


Keeree Tara (Riverfront) 4 Stars

KEEREE TARA is an elegant dining establishment which exudes a luxurious « romantic » ambience, in the European / Mediterranean  tradition with it’s Bali style architecture and  spectacular riverside scenery.

Its expansive outdoor terrace offers a landscaped tropical staged garden, with numerous fountains and ponds.

Dining at KEEREE TARA is highly recommended if you want to enjoy a romantic evening dinner, while looking out over  the rustic rural backdrop of the River Kwai, enjoy the pleasure of watching the river silently flowing  by and contemplate the illuminated famous Bridge over the River Kwai with it’s constantly changing lights, while listening to soft Thai music played by talented Thai guitarists.

KEEREE TARA specializes in central Thailand cuisine with recommended dishes such as Fried golden mushrooms, Dry curry Kang fish, Cashew, peanut and dried seafood salad, Keeree snakehead fish in spicy sauce, Glass shrimp cream salad, Fresh river prawns etc, at  reasonable prices.

A wonderful romantic  venue for those in love,  or those who just love to love nature.

Service is efficient and good, but not rushed :  the theme at Keereetara is linger a while.

This restaurant is in the medium to upper price range for Kanchanaburi.  Well worth a visit.


Chanchala Restaurant 4 Stars

Just off the main road, Sengchuto Road, right next to the railway crossing, and well sign-posted  is the haven of luxury  Chanchala (meaning :Train station) garden restaurant.

An oasis of comfort and style, rarely found in rural Thailand, very tastefully decorated in comfortably understated  natural timbers combined with the wall texture of staccato plastered ivory walls, with comfortable seating and cushions

The menu offers  a very large selection of choice, including, duck , chicken, pork, fish and seafood with fresh salads and interesting combinations of local fresh vegetables.

Service at Chanchala is  friendly and efficient, which intimates the restaurant.

In the medium price range (that is ) 100 to 300 Bahts  for a main course.

Bonus also is a soft guitar playing in the background in the evenings while  cool fountains give you the feeling of relaxation and sumptiousness .

A great place to get away from the hussle and bustle of a busy  day.


Peppers at U’Inchantree 5 Stars

PEPPERS exquisite restaurant forms part of the U’Inchantree rustic river lodge style hotel and boutique resort,   only a 5 minute walk to the famous Bridge over the River Kwai.

The semi-open restaurant PEPPERS is located right on the riverbank, among large shady trees. It is accessible by means of superb walkways which wind through landscaped gardens in a very natural setting.

PEPPERS  offers spectacular views of the River Kwai, together with a sunset terrace lounge ( named « The Terrace ») litterally suspended over the edge of the river, where guests can watch kingfishers darting over the waters, as well as trains slowly  rumbling over the River Kwai bridge in the background.

Sitting on the riverside terrace and enjoying a sunset cocktail watching the sun go down behind the mountains, with singing birds in a beautifully relaxed rural Thai atmosphere, make this place an idyllic and most romantic place, in a real ZEN atmosphere.

The outstanding  thing that strikes guests at Peppers is the friendliness of the courteous staff, who fully understand customer service, as well as how to deliver the real Thai experience and hospitality : smiles, attention and willing to help for your every wish.

Peppers restaurant offers elegant, freshly well prepared delicious Thai and International specialities, which perfectly blend the rich traditions of Thai cuisine handed down over generations, with cutting edge modern culinary innovation.

The intimate air-conditioned indoor dining section is tastefully designed with a modern yet rustic feel.

Adjacent to the restaurant, next to the river and to the well-designed swimming-pool is the alfresco dining deck area.Without any hesitation, PEPPERS restaurant at U’Inchantree definitely deserves the « N°1 = Best of Best restaurant »  title and ranking in Kanchanaburi.

Priced in the medium to upper end of K.T.T. scale. Superb in every way.


The Loft Restaurant & Bar by The River Kwai 5 Stars

The LOFT Restaurant is a spectacular riverfront restaurant in Kanchanaburi, tastefully situated near MyHome-Thailand Homestay Holiday Villa,right next to the Bridge over the River Kwai. Its beautiful spacious terrace  allows  guests to enjoy  a cool breeze as well as a superb vista over the River Kwai Yai while the twilight takes over from the day, offering an overall atmosphere of understated elegance.

Everything reaches perfection in excellent taste : the atmosphere and the overall decoration, dark stained wooden floor and furniture offset by many  luxurious orange cushions, delightful  choice of tableware, subtle lighting which helps to create a sensation of warmth and comfort, modern contemporary style architecture, food presentation,  friendly, attentive and willing staff, a melodious easy listening combo playing a combination of modern Thai ballads with popular western hit songs.

The Menu : An extensive menu encompasses the very best of Thai dishes with a selection of Japanese and International dishes. An interesting tasteful selection of quality desserts adds to complete the well balanced menu of the Loft.

Prices are on the higher end but this is totally justified by the quality of the service, the superb food and the overall excellent ambiance.

Withouth doubt, the Loft is the perfect rendez-vous for romance and  one the top dining location in Kanchanaburi  for the discerning diner. The LOFT definitely deserves its 5 star ranking.

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