One Day Agrotour #3 : Corn & Sesame for Health & Beauty

October 12, 2011 

The all new Corn & Sesame for Health & Beauty AGROTOUR 3 organized by K.T.T. !
In response to the popularity of KTT Agrotours 1 & 2, we proudly announce our new and most exciting KTT Agrotour 3 : Corn and Sesame for Health and Beauty.

One Day Agrotour #3  Program of Activities [KT 8]

Begin with a scenic drive through rural Kanchanaburi and  arrive at a truly traditional Thai farm where you are greeted by the warm hospitality of genuine Thai farm people. You will be served locally made fresh corn milk and farm-made sliced crispy bananas.

Your day will then include the following activities :

  • An informative video film presenting at first hand the various techniques of corn farming in Thailand
  • Hand picking corn in a nearby corn field (a real fun event !)
  • Witness the extraction process of sesame oil, rice bran oil and moringa oil by the cold press method
  • Learn the secrets of making organic wood vinegar in traditional charcoal kilns : what is it ? How do they make it and what it is used for ?
  • Inspect the construction technique of building a traditional farm house made from local Thai turf
  • Learn to make corn ice-cream in a hands on demonstration
  • Enjoy the pleasure of hand feeding the many farm animals, including Thai cows
  • Taste the delights of a sumptuous lunch prepared by the farm staff as you witness their deftness in a traditional Thai kitchen
  • Find out how a Thai herbal hot compress is made and learn to make one for yourself
  • Enjoy the fun and pleasure of giving and receiving a Thai herbal compress relaxing massage together with your friends and family
  • Learn and test the benefits of sesame skin care cream and oil onto your skin

Overall a perfect day in the green paradise of Kanchanaburi, learning the skills and traditions of rural Thailand on a traditional and modern Thai farm. This exclusive K.T.T. program is highly recommended by the international tourism board as a truly memorable one day unique experience in rural Kanchanaburi.





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To inquire about these concessions, please contact us directly for an exact appraisal.

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