One day Agrotour #2: Tea, Mulberries and Dry Flowers

June 3, 2011 

K.T.T. AGROTOUR 2 is a new ecotourism concept and tourist program in Kanchanaburi. It incorporates  first a  visit to an organic Mulberry farm in the morning, followed by a visit to a natural dry flowers farm in the afternoon.
Both ecotours give an insight into two different farming styles in Thailand, with a unique opportunity given to participants to take part first hand in practical activities, which makes the experience memorable,  informative, unique  and real fun.

One Day Agrotour #2 Program of activities (KT 7)

The first of the day’s Agrotour #2 experiences  is a visit to an organic  Mulberry Farm. According to the informative handout which participants receive before the program starts,  mulberries are a “Super Food and a unique  Herbal Drink” , helping combat  cancer, diabetes,  reduce  cholesterol  and improve  blood pressure. It is also an excellent  cooking ingredient.

  • A welcome  iced mulberry tea is supplied upon arrival of the participants  to the  farm, followed by an interesting  video presentation on how the farm processes the mulberries.
  • Guests then receive typical  Thai farmer’s hats  and climb into the back of a pick-up for a short drive to a real  mulberry field. You will then   be able to pick your own mulberry leaves.
  • Being an organic farm, the plants have their fair share of hangers-on but this will not stop you filling your baskets with leaves.
  • You will then go back to the farm  in order to wash the leaves according to the traditional way before rolling them and chopping them into strips. Then  comes a bit of  cooking !
  • The farm sets up some woks  on burners for you to dry out the leaves. This simple work  is safe  and  not  dangerous at all.
  • You will then  have traditional Thai food in a nearby unique rustic restaurant in Kanchanaburi : the menu  includes non spicy  Tom Yam Kung with mulberries, chilli chicken with mulberry, pork omelette with mulberry and so much more. All really tasty though, and of course doing you the world of good ! Every dish has a distinctive green tinge to it : mulberries !
  • You will then wash everything down  with mulberry tea before being given certificates and then your own blend of mulberry tea complete with a label showing you preparing the mulberry leaves !
  • All in all it is a very interesting and fun morning trip.

But this will not be the end yet  as after that is the afternoon trip.

  • You will  be driven to a second  farm where they make imitation flowers from natural leaves and pods gathered from all over Thailand. The owner of the farm  will first talk you through the history and operation of the farm.
  • You will  then see some of the flowers being made and admire what  skill and dexterity the lady workers have ! You will then have a chance  to make some flowers yourself.
  • After that, you will see  how the leaves are dyed and you will also have a chance to buy some beautiful flowers at seriously low prices.

In conclusion, the mulberry farm visit is quite sophisticated, whilst  the flower farm is more traditional, which gives you an insight into two very different   farming styles in Kanchanaburi – Thailand.  Both tours are interesting and informative with a chance to “have-a-go” , which makes the experience memorable, informative and real fun !





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